Ionic Studio not updating image src

There seems to be a serious problem with Ionic Studio. I create a new Tab app, and simply run it. Great, all is well. I change the image reference to a different image that I added to the assets folder, but the original one still displays. I stop the NG Serve and restart, the same old image displays. I rename the files (in src/assets and www/assets) of the original file so that the old reference is now bad, and rebuild/re-run and still it displays the old image that no longer even exists. No matter what I do (multiple computers), this happens. So, I have been doing web development since the inception of the web, and I am still an avid fan of Creator, can work wonders with it. But I can’t seem to get out of the starting gate with Studio. Am I simply wasting my money on it? Does it work for anyone else?

Actually, not even simple text updates work. Simply changed the title on the main page, no update.

Here’s a good one. After making all the changes to the image, if I search for the name of the old image, it finds it! In the line of code that now shows the new name in the editor, but the search windows shows the old name.

Something ain’t right in Kansas Toto…

And like magic, today everything is working just fine (except the search, it still will find test that was deleted and point you to the new text that replaced it).

Go figure…