Ionic Studio not refreshing code

My apologies if I’m posting in the wrong forum/topic, but I could not find a proper place to post questions about Ionic Studio other then open a support ticket, and I wanted to find out if I’m doing something wrong myself first.

My issue is that when I add a new page in Ionic Studio for OSX (0.6.1), the pages preview/compose section does not update so I don’t see the new page. When I go to the code section to work on it from there, its also not there, it looks like it does not exist if it were not for my terminal history. I also see no option to refresh, so I have to restart to see my changes.

Similarly, maybe related, when I add a new color variable in theme/variables.scss the way it is described in the ionic docs: adding colors section, it does not update in my compose section, when I use the new color, it displays as transparent.

Does anyone else have this? Does anybody know if this is a bug? or is there something I’m missing?