Image will not show in Ionic View

When I run “ionic serve -l” my image is displayed in safari. When I run “ionic upload” sync to latest and clear app data in ionic view app, my image is not displayed. This is what I have in my html file

img src="…/assets/images/icon.png"

If tried

img src="/assets/images/icon.png"


img src=“assets/images/icon.png”

nothing seems to work. What’s wrong here?

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I’m having the same problem in ionic 3. I see several posts complaining about the problem but no solutions or reasons given for the problem. Anyone know why this happens?

Just figured this out by going through the github issues. I had been using a src path from my assets folder within {projectname}/src. Instead I needed to point to the path in my {projectname}/www folder. Then it became viewable in Ionic View and Ionic Serve

@ChargerIIC I don’t fully understand your solution. I’ve tried several paths, all using the www folder. Path looks like www/assets/img/img.jpg

Everything shows on ionic lab, but does not show on ionic view. Tried 4 different variations of path, still no luck with the newest ionic view app. Any insights you can provide would be great! Thanks!



I recall seeing that as a solution somewhere in the forums. Could be a false memory but, maybe not.

@jaydz Thanks for the help, but unfortunately that did not work either. Very odd that it will work in ionic lab but not in ionic view.

Well, it can be 1 of 2 things (to my limited knowledge).

  1. When you use ionic lab or ionic serve, the assets folder’s location is relationally different in position than when it’s on a
    device. localhost get’s involved in the path, etc.

  2. I don’t actually know, but there was a solution to the same exact issue on the forums within the last month or so. I don’t
    know if it got marked as a solution, but if you scour for it, that might be the fix you need.