Ionic still creates v1 projects even after upgrading v2

I’m trying to start an Ionic v2 project following the official docs here, but I end up with an Ionic v1 project created. My steps:

Remove current ionic and install the beta:

$ npm uninstall ionic -g

$ npm install ionic@beta -g
/Users/mike/.npm-global/bin/ionic -> /Users/mike/.npm-global/lib/node_modules/ionic/bin/ionic
└── ionic@2.0.0-beta.32
Create a new Ionic v2 TypeScript project:

$ ionic start ionic2-test --v2 --ts
Creating Ionic app in folder /Users/mike/dev/ionic2-test based on tabs project
[=============================] 100% 0.0s
[=============================] 100% 0.0s
Updated the hooks directory to have execute permissions
Update Config.xml
Initializing cordova project
Adding in iOS application by default
But this creates a v1 project:

$ cat ./ionic2-test/www/lib/ionic/version.json
“version”: “1.3.1”,
“codename”: “el salvador”,
“date”: “2016-05-12”,
“time”: “18:21:10”

$ head -2 ./ionic2-test/www/lib/ionic/js/angular/angular.js

  • @license AngularJS v1.5.3
    What am I doing wrong?

What does ionic -v print out for you?

This might be a case where you have multiple instances of ionic-cli installed on your system, which are conflicting.

You are absolutely right, that was the issue.

I documented it on stackoverflow: