Working with Ionic 2

I have some projects with Ionic v1, I work on a windows notebook and I would like to create my first project with version 2 of Ionic. I have some doubts :

  1. How do I install the Ionic 2 version?
  2. If I install this version, can I still work with v1 on my other projects?

You just create a new project - if you are on the current Ionic CLI version (2.2.3, check by running ionic --version on the command line) this will automatically create a project with the current Ionic Angular/Framework version (3.0.1).

The CLI and Framework are two pieces of software. The CLI is global for all projects on your computer, but the Framework version can be different in any project you create.

So to answer your questions:

Create a project with a current CLI.[quote=“sioessi, post:1, topic:87932”]
If I install this version, can I still work with v1 on my other projects?

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Run and receive 2.0.0 as current version. But when I create a new project, create it to version 1, is there any parameter to tell you to create a project based on version 2?

Ionic 2 docs, thanks!

In older versions of the CLI you could use --v2 to create a current version project.
But you should definitely update your CLI to the current version if you want to continue developing Ionic projects (use npm update -g ionic to do so).

Thanks for the information, now I understand. Only one last doubt, if updateo ionic, to create a project v1, add the --v1?

Thanks for your information, I already know it, my question was how to start a v2 project and also work with the v1 version of my other projects!

Exactly. In the last update from 2.2.2 to 2.2.3 the --v2 was dumped and --v1 was added as a countermove as creating v1 projects is clearly not the main use case any more.

@Sujan12 Again, thank you very much for your help!

Tremendous contribution, my friend! :alegría: