Cannot create Ionic 2 Typescript project

Some settings appear to have got confused when I upgraded Visual Studio’s Cordova tools earlier. If I type:

ionic start ProjectName --v2 --ts

It creates an Ionic V1 project without the Typescript goodness.

Have the command line options been changed, or has my installation been screwed up somehow?


On a related note, if I try to create the Tutorial app with:

ionic start MyIonic2Project tutorial --v2

I’m getting an error message:

Not found: (404)
Please verify the url and try again.

I suspect that something got a bit mixed up in the configuration files.

You need to specify you want a blank project:

ionic start ProjectName blank --v2 --ts

I’ve tried that. For some reason my setup isn’t generating a V2 project, and I’m getting the V1 framework instead.

If I run the call with the --verbose flag it says that V2 and TypeScript are enabled, but the tool isn’t generating the right framework.

There was a status update earlier that about a service provider related problem, and I’m wondering if that might have been what was causing my issue. I’ll try again tomorrow morning.

It works just fine for me.

I’ve generated another blank project before posting just to be sure everything is ok.

Are you sure you have a correct Ionic CLI. You need to install Ionic 2 compatible CLI:

npm install -g cordova ionic@beta

and when you try ionic -v you should receive:

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That seems to have fixed it, thanks. :smile:

V2 was working fine, and then I did an update to Visual Studio, and it must have downgraded Cordova to the non-Beta version.


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Np, I’m glad to be of help :slight_smile:

I used below command lines for getting ionic V2

npm install -g cordova ionic@beta
ionic start myApp tutorial --v2

ionic Version is

I landed up in below errors

E:\practice>ionic start myAApp tutorial–v2

One awesome Ionic app coming right up…

Creating Ionic app in folder E:\practice\myAApp based on
tutorial–v2 project
[=============================] 100% 0.0s
? Not found:
utorial–v2/archive/ (404)
? Please verify the url and try again.
Please verify you are using a valid URL or a valid ionic
View available starter templates: ionic templates
More info available at:

Please suggest on this

Probably a typo but put a space between tutorial and --v2 like this ionic start myAApp tutorial --v2.