Can i start a new project based on ionic 1/angular 1 even after updating to ionic 2 beta?

I have a important project going based on ionic 1 !

I dont want to migrate it to ionic 2 yet !

But , still i am willing to update ionic to ionic 2 beta ! to learn and get use to it !

even after installing npm install -g ionic@beta can i compile my previous app with ionic1 and can i start a new ionic project based on ionic 1 ?

Help is appreciated !

Read here

Worried about your V1 Ionic projects? Don’t worry! The beta release has all the functionality to work with both V1 projects and V2 projects.

you can use all v1 commands .

thanks fr reply kuntal :slightly_smiling:! does this mean i can start ionic 1 project if i dont add “–v2” flag ?

Yes,read v1 doc