Ionic scrolling cuts off top of view

I’ve noticed that when I’m using ionic-scrolling via overflow-scroll=“false” or just not defining that attribute and I scroll to the bottom of my page and focus a textarea. The keyboard pops up, I type, and then we I dismiss the keyboard and try to scroll up to the top of the page, the top portion of my page is either unreachable via scrolling or just isn’t there anymore. I’ve gone to using native scrolling but I’m also having issue with that were iOS won’t scroll at all with page where native scrolling is enabled.

do you found a solution, have the same issue

Yeah. We ended up using the ionic keyboard’s ability to disable scrolling when the keyboard shows up I believes it’s something like cordova.keyboard.scrolling (false). This stopped it from trying to adjust the screen by scrolling. We are also using rc.2 now