Ionic keyboard on ios webapps acts terribly on scroll

So there seems to be a known issue when it comes to long forms and the ios keyboard. It seems like it has been solved using cordova as listed here. We are using a web app though and don’t use cordova and I can’t seem to find a fix. I don’t mind the jumpy top of the screen so much as the odd scrolling behavior. When scrolling with the keyboard up it seems like sometimes it doesn’t even scroll, it scrolls a little bit and then bounces back.

I have played around with the new release of 1.2 and I’m still having issues. In the new release I tried switching to the ion-input fields and went back and forth with this global configuration: $ionicConfigProvider.scrolling.jsScrolling(true);

It seems like 1.2 was supposed to have some scrolling issue fixes and more support for web apps is there something I’m missing?