Keyboard-attach with Ionic View iOS app


I’m using keyboard-attach on the ion-footer-bar with an input in the footer. I am also setting “cordova.plugins.Keyboard.disableScroll(true)” in my app.js file.

Problem is I am still getting the page content scrolling up off the page.

Guess first thing I need to confirm is if Ionic View have the Keyboard plugin packaged with it.
If it does, then what could I be doing wrong?


@max are you able to tell me if the keyboard plugin is bundled in the iOS Ionic View app?

Would you be able to open an issue for this here

Thanks @mhartington but before I posted a bug, I just wanted to make sure that this should be working in the App?

Not 100% sure myself, the views a bit tougher to debug, since it’s a cordova app that loads cordova apps. Best bet is to open the issue there and see what Tim says