Scroll bottom issue


When i use $ionicScrollDelegate.scrollBottom(true), input focus issue occurred (screenshot attached).

How can i prevent this issue ? @mhartington any word on this ?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hmm, can you provide a codepen or a github link? I can check it out and see what the issue is. Have you disabled native overflow scroll?



Native overflow scroll is disabled.


Again, can you provide some codepen? What version of ionic are you using? What version of iOS are you working on?


iPhone 4, 4s, 5 (ios 6, 7)
cordova 3…5
ionic v1.0.0-beta.7

Unfortunately i can’t post code :frowning:


Hmm, without the code, I can’t be certain on what could be causing the issue.

I suggest that you update to beta 11 or the nightly builds and make sure this isn’t an issue resolved by the new versions