Ionic React vs. Capacitor?

Hey guys, I want to create a cross-platform mobile app with React, while using this UI library:

Would it make any sense to create a Ionic React project (since I don’t need the native UI components by Ionic) or should I just wrap my React project with Capacitor? The app will need permissions for location, contacts and media library.

Why would u see a use for Ionic UI if Chakra has most u need for UI?

I’m also new to Ionic and this confuses me to there is something about Ionic that does not make sense to me and this is why are they giving me components? Ionic should really focus on the bridge and packaging all together, there are enough UI Frameworks out there and I’m anyway not a fan of OS-specific looks I think designers should design the App, not Apple or Google.

So there is no point in using Ionic if I already have a UI library (Material-UI, Chakra UI, etc.), right?
Wrapping my React project with Capacitor should be enough?

I’m still a Ionic noob. I guess @ivanjeremic too.

There is no need to use the ionic react UI components, but You want to use Capacitor for the plugins and deployment to device

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As per @aaronksaunders comment. If the UI lib you have in mind overlaps with the UI of Ionic Framework and suits your need better, then to me it looks pointless.

Having said that, Ionic is more than just that. Ionic AppFlow, Ionic Enterprise support, are also cool stuff from the Ionic team (I have not interest here!).

And this forum itself is also very welcoming for web developers, even in other frameworks or not exactly using them (so we convince you along the way).

@Tommertom @everionate But if you use Capacitor inside your React App and all you want is to write a few Components with Chakra-UI, I think using Capacitor is still ok and package the App for Distribution on App Store’s and the Web or not? It will still work or is there any built in system that breaks something if you use a component library?

Or does that mean with Capacitor we can use any React-UI library we want, but with Ionic React it makes no sense?

You can use Capacitor without ever having to think of Ionic (or use it).

The only thing you need to remember is that is made by the Ionic team, which is a great group of people!!!

I hope this great people will one day bring us an API similar to ChakraUI for styling :smiley:

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