Can you recommend ui library for React Capacitor App?

I am building a news viewer mobile application, with React and Capacitor, without Ionic.
I have only used React-Bootstrap for React web projects. It seems that Bootstrap Design is not familiar with mobile native application.

Blueprintjs is the library that i have been recommended, it is too hard to implement mobile app components.

What library are you using for React Capacitor Mobile App Project?
I have noticed that Material ui is commonly being used.

I am not going to use Ionic Framework.

Thanks a lot.

Definitely recommend React Material UI as an option. Prime as well. More options here.

I’m curious though, why not Ionic Framework? It has React support and is optimized for mobile.

Well, It is said that using Ionic Framework could restrict the diversity of mobile app development.
Can you tell me the benefits of using Ionic?
Thanks a lot. I will use Material or Chakra.

I’m having a hard time parsing this statement. By “diversity” do you mean that “there are soooo many apps out there using Ionic that if I too use Ionic, my app will get lost in the crowd”?

It was designed to be deployed on mobile devices and then engineered to be deployable in other contexts (like desktop web browsers). Your other options were designed to work in desktop web browsers.

Ionic apps will tend to feel more natural on touchscreen devices with limited screen real estate, and a bit out of place on big desktop screens with mice and trackballs. Bootstrap and Prime will feel more natural on desktops and tend to resemble “viewing a desktop website on a phone” on mobile.