How do I start Capacitor

Hello, I am a React developer and I want to use capacitor, but I don’t know where to start.
Which part of the document is complete? Where are the React capacitor plugins?
Where is the training course?
If I am going to use a capacitor, then what is react ionic?
I’m really confused :frowning:

There are no “React capacitor plugins”.
They are just Capacitor plugins, they can be used with any javascript framework, including React.

Ionic is a mobile UI framework, it’s not required for using Capacitor. There is Ionic React which makes it easier to use Ionic in React apps, but you have to start the app as an Ionic React app, adding Ionic to an existing React app can be a bit more complex, but as I said, Ionic is not required for using Capacitor, so you can stick with just React as long as you know how to make the UI look good on mobile screens.

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