Capacitor in create-react-app WITHOUT Ionic Framework

I have an existing create-react-app that uses Material UI library.
I added capacitor in my app to create a native version for android and ios.
I am trying to figure out how to use plugins or react hooks to tackle issues like navigation with back button or auto-filling credentials on app login.
I cannot find any tutorial that doesn’t use Ionic library.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also I 've noticed that capacitor community react hooks is not supported any longer.
Is it safe to use with future versions of Capacitor?

Is there a reason you don’t want to use Ionic? You can just use the basic building blocks like navigation and routing so you still get the mobile feel. You can still use your Material UI library for the UI components. Otherwise, it seems like you will be re-inventing the wheel.

I have originally built the app for web. I will have to replace a big part of my logic.

just use the visual studio code plugin, it will make the whole process a lot easier. and it doesn’t require you to use Ionic Framework at all
Using the Ionic Visual Studio Code Extension (

I will check it out, although I am using Jet Brains Webstorm and PhpStorm.
I am basically asking about this, because they do say In the documentation that it is not imperative that you use Ionic with Capacitor.

It would be better if you ask specific questions about the things you are having problems with.

Capacitor plugin docs are written in typescript, but I think all of them are javascript compliant too, so you shouldn’t have any problem using the plugins as stated on the docs.

Tutorials on the other hand are all written for Ionic because they are usually written by Ionic devrel team, but shouldn’t be hard to follow neither, in example in the autofill tutorial, instead of using an ion-input you should use a regular web input as ion-input is an Ionic component, not available if not using Ionic.

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