I'm considering using ionic react. do I have to use the Ionic components?

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Pretty much the title, I know it might be a dumb question, but I couldn’t find a clear answer while googling.

I’m planning to develop a cross-platform application using Ionic-react, and I’m just wondering do I have to use the ionic UI components in order for it to work?

And if not, what are some of the odd issues that might occur, from you guys’ experience, would the app look weird? feel weird?

I think I will probably need to use some components like the alerts and stuff like that so it can look natural on both iOS and Android. and I’m okay with that.
But other than that, I’m just used to building my own components in react with tailwindcss and sometimes a touch of Material UI.

So would that be an issue? Thank you so much :rose: :heart:

Well, why dont u give it a try?

it should work

Maybe your bundle gets filled with extras

And Ionic also does something to page transition animations etc

So not using the components is maybe the easiest part

Then again, if u skip using ion-app and ion-content snd its router, u wont notice?

Thanks for the reply :heart: :+1:

I’m going to give it a try.

but my question is for issues down the road… in the future. when I deploy on iOS and Android. what are the underlying problems or weird situations that might occur when not using the ionic components?

Technologies to deploy to ios and android, like cordova, capacitor or pwa are separate from ionic components

Even though the ionic FORUM is very open receiving questions and complaints about them

I’m planning to use AppFlow for devOps, and from the quick read I did. all it was talking about was the “Ionic framework”.

So I thought I had to build my app using the Ionic framework. but from your replies, You mean in general, I could have a pure CRA app. while not using the ionic framework at all. And I would use Capacitor and AppFlow to deploy it?

And thanks again for the help man, really appreciate it :hugs: :rose:

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Not sure what u mean with CRA. Capacitor is framework agnostic. AppFlow I dont know where they are now. It used to be tied but I reckon they progressed significantly

Plse check the docs on AppFlow

Ionic is also used as trade name for the goodies from the Ionic team. But theses goodies tend to be very loosely coupled for reasons u r mentioning

Sorry for that, CRA(create-react-app) is a react boilerplate template from the react team, so what I meant was “just a pure react app.”

Last question, Would you happen to know what should I consider doing or looking into to make my react app configured and ready to be used with capacitor in the future? (before I starting coding the app itself)

Thanks :rose:

I am an Angular fan. So my final recommendation is to ditch React and go for Angular :wink:

Hahaha, I like that :joy:. Thanks

But I’ll never go back to angular :eyes:

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Did you consider Vue? Seems to have less boilerplate compared to React?

I actually did, to the point where I was reading a ton about it, and was sure I’ll use it in my next project. But I don’t know, haven’t gotten around to it yet. But, I think it’s very promising.

Did you give it a go, how did you get on? I’m wanting to use tailwind css with ionic react too but struggling to configure it at the moment.