Ionic Push - success or failure?

I get this cryptic status response:

{“ios”:{“success”:true,“failure_reason”:“Push Error Code 102: See for more info.”,“sent”:1 … }

succes, yes, but there’s an error code? It’s probably an error, because the notification is not coming thru. The certificates should be correct (with no user/password).

I’m getting the same thing here and my certificates are all correct, is the ‘Ionic push’ working fine?


i’ve solved the problem! You must install the archive ‘.mobileprovision’ then you run again and send a one-time notification

Can you elaborate on how to do this please? Is this something that can be done inside ionic or is it part of xcode?

In Apple Developer (, go to “Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles” and enter in the Provisioning Profiles. Click to generate a new provisioning profile, select “iOS App Development”, select your App ID, enable your device for test and then download it. After download’s end, go to the archive (youArchiveName.mobileprovision ) and double click to install.
(all the instruction are to developer not to production)

Thanks Vidal. It works!