Push error


I have followed the guide with a new app and push, but i can’t get it to work (I don’t use IOS). The google console.developers.google.com looks different from the guide but i think im doing it right.

Im testing with a curl with my secret ionic key and my app id, but i keep getting this error

curl -u my-private-key: -H “Content-Type: application/json” -H “X-Ionic-Application-Id: my-app-id” https://push.ionic.io/api/v1/status/d6090c4a740011e59c86961f9a59f1e0
{“android”:{“failure_reason”:"",“sent”:0,“success”:false},“app_id”:“b82513f4”,“status”:“Failed”,“errors”:[],“ios”:{“failure_reason”:“Push Error Code 302: See http://docs.ionic.io/docs/push-error-codes for more info.”,“sent”:0,“success”:false}}%

I can see that others online have the same errors, and no solutions out there. :slight_smile:

I’ll be glad for some feedback :slight_smile:

Hi Team,

I am also facing the same issue, and it appears only for iOS. Notifications work great on Android.

I am sure that I have uploaded the correct p12 file, I checked it twice even checked the certificate with traditional approach. Please suggest me where else the issue could be.