Need help to setup push notification

Hello all gurus, I have been trying ionic push notification for a few days but no luck yet. I use curl to send testing notification and it returns no error. Then I use curl again to query status of last message id, the error code is 301 which is about certificate error.

I have paid apple developer account with valid certificates. One thing I am confused about is that in account, when setting up a profile, it asks for a certificate password for both APN certificate and build credentials and it cannot be empty, however, on the error code page, the 301 code says we do not currently support passphrase of certificates. So I am stuck here not knowing what is my real problem of setting up ionic push notification services.

I am testing on my iphone 5s (IOS 9.3), based on syslog of iphone, apparently it register push succesfully, I got a device token and used it in testing.

Anybody can give me some hints? Thanks in advance.

Any luck with this? i having the same issue for like a week, we decided to give ionic a try but things are quite hard with the outdated documentation and everything being in beta or alpha … should we quit ionic and w8 for a release?