Ionic Push and error 102

Hi guys!

I’m having Push Notifications issues with Ionic Push. I’ve recently updated my Apple account to an enterprise account (with DUNS and all) and have created new push certificates, which I have sent to using ionic push --ios-dev-cert and ionic push --ios-prod-cert.

However, whenever I try to send a notification to my own device (using my device token) via, I randomly get one of the following results:

  • another device is notified (wtf)
  • I get a 102 error BUT receive the notification
  • I get a 102 error and don’t receive the notification
  • I get no error (success: true) but no notification either

This either in development or production mode. I’ve re-downloaded the .mobileprovision file, have enabled Push Notifications in the Capabilities tab in Xcode, but nothing seems to work. I get the $ionicPush:REGISTERED <token> in the logs, but the token never changes. I guess it’s normal since it’s based on the device UUID and the User ID, but since I’m a bit lost…

Honestly I’m out of ideas here and would greatly appreciate your help!

Any luck. I am having a similar problem with me having an enterprise provisionning certificate. Using a development build the notification is working however when building a release version It gives me error 102 and I do not receive the notification. If anyone at this point can reply, it will be a huge step.

Its really weird one minute it works the next it doesnt.

@Izeau experiencing the same problem. Did you find a solution?

Were you able to come up with a solution for this? I’m encountering the same on my own devices as well, on both prod and dev.