Ionic material design lite breaking code

Just downloaded these awesome theme from the ionic store ionic material design theme, (which is free thnx james brown ) , but as nothing cant be that easy
i get this error ,no module ‘ionic-material’ cannot be found
but i include the js and css in the head section ,also have the component in my lib files ,so definetly not missing

can anyone help

A simple advice, follow plugin GitHub installation procedure:

If you’re still receiving that error, open an error ticket at provided GitHub link.

Yh ,i did follow the steps , but went with the manual procedure , thus including the js and css file to head section
,the error occur when i inject ionic-material into the app dependecies , even withstanding my problem , cloning the repository ,and running the demo app provide by james , fails ,throwing the exact same error , but realise removing the ionic-material from list of app dependecies seem to work , except the html component dont behave as expected ,like my h2 getting big in size and …

Hi @madibaion,

When you say you are adding ionic-material. Is that to your app module dependencies? Because you don’t need to do that. This project uses the ionic namespace, so it really should be a “drop-in” of the JS and CSS files.

When you say the HTML elements aren’t behaving as expected are you referencing the files from the dist folder in bower_components ?

Yh i load the component from the distribution folder , oh and adding the ioni-material dep was an error on part, i read the demo project before reading the doc on github, you might wanna take it out , as (‘ionic-material’, 'ionic-md-input" ) are included in the demo app - app module dependencies
Since official release it slated to august 31 am going refrain from ,running with with the theme until the release date

Which demo are you referencing, because that’s not the same one here:

wow , cant believe this , my bad i was using wrong library , i was using ionic material ,it in the same folder ,too many file :blush:

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I’d appreciate an update on the market place comment :slight_smile:

done [ i have enter atleast 20 character :smile: ]

want to pligin calender and date in material design lite. #help

@sathishsundaram can u explain further i dont understand what u mean :frowning: