How can I use Material Design Lite on Ionic?

Hello, I’ve just installed Material Design Lite on Ionic by NPM

That’s the link. But I cannot use it, what’s missing? I didn’t put anything into app.module.ts because there was no specification on the site.

Are you sure you want to do that? Ionic’s main advantage is that it offers you with lots of pre-styled components. Adding MDL into the mix might make stuff a lot more complicated. If you really want to use “real” Material Design instead of the Ionic defaults, look into other libraries besides MDL that are better integrated with Ionic.

As stated before I wouldn’t recommend it as ionic uses a good specification as it is, are there particular aspects you want that you aren’t achieving with ionic? You could override the md styles for Android and replace them with other libraries like materialize css or whichever one you like.

Should I use it?

But there is no guide how to install by npm

See the repo docs:

This project will not have updates for AngularJS/Ionic 1. Please contact the author (zachfitz) if you have ability and interest in resurrecting it, or (preferrably) porting it to Ionic 2/Angular.

I’m just looking for other types of tools to build my personal projects. Is MaterializeCss good? I’ll search about it.

If you have a specific design in mind I would recommend building your own components and applying your own css. Not that I’m against using other libraries or frameworks. But most material design frameworks will only adhere to the specification as close as they can. They don’t all follow material designs specification 100%.