Material Design Light with Ionic?

Hi everybody,

I was looking around to find the best option for Material Design and found which seems to be very light plus it is supported by google officially. I installed and configured all and at first I was happy because most of the components worked great like Badges, buttons, cards, chips but than I stumbled on some components which I just cant make work and I wonder why.

For example tables (selectable), spinner, text fields and checkboxes dont work for me.

Is there any way to work with and use all the components or does anybody has a better solution which support more components.

thanks in advance…

Which version of Ionic are you using? Ionic 2 has a very strong MD styled set of components to use out of the box without the need to introduce another library.

Hi @ChrisGriiffith thanx for your reply. I am using Ionic 1.3 in the moment since this is only my second app and I just have learned Ionic :frowning:

from all I read so far people recommend to not yet use Ionic 2 since it isn’t yet stable. Do you recommend to go Ionic2 right away and forget about Ionic 1.3?

Aside of this I have actually a main concern. I am personally more a Android Person but my App is for iOS and Android and my doubt is if I actually should care for Material Design in first place since iOS users anyway dont care for Material design (I guess) Should I forget about it and use just original ionic components with custom styles and build my own design like this? thx for your tips and opinion in advance.

Ionic 2 is getting closer to RC1 and the stability that you would expect. You have to make sure you look at the date and release people are referring to in their comments.

If you are about to embark on a new app, I would make the jump to Ionic 2. It does mean a new round of learning, but overall the benefits are worth it.

Plus the components are easier to skin in Ionic 2 :wink:


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Okay, thanks… I appreciate your suggestion. I check it out …