How to implement material design in ionic

i am devloping mobile app using ionic and i want implement new material design who is really the good move for google design, unfortunately i didn’t found the way to implement it in ionic
thank you to suggest me how to begin?

You might want to take a look at ngMaterial. I think they are working on Material in the nightly builds.


you need to include ngMatrial into ionic app .
you can do this like this,


Thank you they work well when i test in the browser but in emulator they don’t take material design style

I have this problem as well. Everything is testing and looks great in browser, and then when I emulate or even use localhost in emulator browser, none of the routes in sidemenu work, or click events for modals. Not sure what solution is? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Are You sure You are having trouble with Material Design or CSS rules in general? Are You emulating Android or iOS?

take at ionicMaterial project, it sounds interesting
link :

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Hi. Im have built an app using ionic in ios. I have no clue how to install and link the the code downloaded from ionicmaterial site. Can you please guide me with the same?