Ionic Material Is It Free

I’ve looked into ionic material design and as far as I can tell it’s not free am I correct? Angular Material is fantastic but from the ionic docs it doesn’t play well with ionic I’ve tried it out and it’s true. So how exactly do i go about implementing material design in my ionic application?
Is 100% Free

yup,its free.Simply use bower or install locally in your app using ionic install and you are good to go.Dont forget to reference it in your index.

Maybe this would be a good use case for trying out Ionic 2, because it has Material Design built-in, you get it for free with Ionic 2.

I know it is “beta” but depending on whether you are willing to take some risks it might be worth it in your case.

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@leob @racheal thanks guys god suggestions. I have tried looking into the ionic material documentation but it’s not so friendly any ideas how I get the animations like the ripple effect to work

“Ripple” should just work, it’s a basic feature of Material Design. But why not just give Ionic 2 a try? It has Material Design built in.

there isn’t a stable release as yet and how backward compatible is it?

It’s in beta now (recently it was alpha, well beta means a lot more stable already). No, it’s totally not backwards compatible, it is really different (being based on Angular 2).

  1. Go to
  2. click on the download button (Note, ionic material is MIT-Licence 100% free)
  3. a zipped file Ionic-material-master will be downloaded to your PC, unzip the file.
  4. Inside the Ionic-material-master, go to the demo folder, inside it containes the source for this Thronester app example @
  5. Explore the contents and see for yourself how to implement ionic material design

Optionally, you may want to use the contents of the demo as a base for your ionic project.

To do that, create an empty ionic project, copy the entire contents of the demo folder to your ionic project root , go to index.html file and ensure that all the css and js files are linked properly and you are good to go !

so are they still going to support ionic 1 going forward or will all of us be forced to migrate to ionic 2?

right now, ionic material only supports ionic 1

All the js files? how many are there about

@Harilall they will support ionic 1 for long time so don’t worry about that, you will be forced to migrate to ionic 2 by me, just come to the dark side without questions (?)

@ohiageorge becouse ionic 2 has material design integrated by default.

lol yes I will but how the hell do I get material design to work in ionic 1