Ionic DevApp Feedback Mega-thread

I get the exact same issue on iOS. Still trying to download the app for Android to see if I get a different behavior. I just upgraded to the current CLI, created a new project to test, ran ionic serve and it popped up on my browser, but nothing on my iPad Mini.

It seems CORS is still an issue with WKWebview on IOS, i use ionic native http and it outputs with “Network Error” inside DevApp. Ionic native http doesn’t work in the browser because the browser doesn’t have cordova installed, and angular http doesn’t work on IOS with WKWebview because of the CORS problem…testing was painful because i have to constantly install the app on my phone to test ionic native http and i couldn’t do it in the browser. So when DevApp was released i was really excited to try this out, great feature but this CORS problem is still there it seems so testing is still painful. I don’t own the API so it seems there’s no way around it.


Hi, I am currently having issues connecting to the DevApp, I’m connected to the same WI-FI in my device and in my computer, but if I run ionic serve the browser opens but nothing happens in my device, it still “Listens for apps on your network”.


I have tried everything what was asked but the app couldnt detect the local dev server running.

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any console.log will be displayed in the console. ionic serve -c , even if running inside the DEV APP.

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For testing with WKWebview in Dev App, i used proxy settings inside ionic.config.json and it works. However, the pain comes when one of my customers wants to test it (apps from pro) from an android device using ionic view, it works on ios but not in android even if the app access https end points .

It should be there in the command line after everything runs.

It works great except for my social login feature. I keep getting network errors for every device. I’ll assume that’s something that isn’t in the cards at the moment. But I really like it so far. If anyone finds a work around for the social login, I would appreciate it.


Hi native plugin like google sign in ,firebase notifications and Facebook login is not supported in dev app

Hi all,
I’m trying the new Ionic DevApp.
I get stuck in “listening for apps on your network”

After some minutes, i get this in console:
Error in DevApp service: Error: send ENETUNREACH

  • at Object.exports._errnoException (util.js:1020:11)
  • at exports._exceptionWithHostPort (util.js:1043:20)
  • at SendWrap.afterSend [as oncomplete] (dgram.js:405:11):11)

Love the concept, hope it’ll be working soon without problems like this!
Keep up the good work, guys!

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Hi all,
I’m trying the new Ionic DevApp.
same error, I get stuck in “listening for apps on your network”



DevApp found my app but when i tried to open the app then after some time it shows the error.




Ionic is GREAT, I like Ionic DevApp :smiley:
but i have CROSS issue in my app

OK I fixed this

I just had to add my "https://{localeIP}:8100 to my allowedOrigins and now CORS works

The url is there after an ionic serve, but the DevApp won’t detect the app on our network. The ask was for a solution in the DevApp where you could type your external url in to manually kickstart the process vs depending on the auto detect feature.

Thanks all! Not able to respond to everyone individually but this feedback is very helpful, please keep it coming and we’re working on the next interation to smooth some of these isssues out :+1:t2:

Why social logins are not supported?

platform.ready() seems to be never fired? Is this possibile?

At the end we have also this outputs!

[16:17:33]  console.log: deviceready has not fired after 5 seconds. 
[16:17:33]  console.log: Channel not fired: onFileSystemPathsReady 
[16:17:33]  console.warn: Ionic Native: deviceready did not fire within 5000ms. This can happen when plugins are in an 
            inconsistent state. Try removing plugins from plugins/ and reinstalling them.

One feature which would be nice to have is to an ionic serve option which did not link to devapp, that way the developer has some control when other users can see the app running.

Awesome idea guys…Initially it did not work but when i restarted both my device and computer it just worked !!!. But the app has become bit slow and less responsive .
Anyway Keep Rocking .