Ionic android app crashes on start


My App is crashing after i do the command; ionic run android

The app is installing on my LG G2 Android phone (version 4.2.2), But when i start the app it crashes immediately.

Look around on some forums but cant figure out whats the problem.

Really need som help.



Hey there!

So this is a really open ended question. There could be a few issues going on here. Does your app work in the browser? Can you get any errors logged using logcat?

From your command line, run

$ adb logcat

Logged it with DDMS and i got an error with ionic keyboard plugin. So i installed it to the platsforms (Android & iOS) I saw that you had commented another post with this kind of answer, and it Worked GREAT. Thanks man :slight_smile:

The problem i have now, is that the camera not starting when clicking on Camera button + going to my cameras album button wont start either. This is working when i test the app in an IPHONE.

Do you know what the problem could be with this?

Big thanks so far :smile:

After tetsing around and did a new build on android i inspected it with developer tools. And got alot of javascript errors. The path is wrong, how do i fix that?