Startup problems

So I have recently wanted to pickup Ionic since I am interested in app development, have experience in JS and java, and like the thought of platform agnostic coding (the reason behind java).

Now I am running into a bit of an issue that I have been unable to resolve.

Basically after following though rather then building the ios instance, I used built for the android distribution.

The issue occurs when the app tries to run, it loads into the Emulator, the ionic background runs for a second, and then crashes and says the application has crashed.

Now this is before I didn’t anything and am unsure how to proceed with debugging the reason this is happening since I haven’t got alot of experience in the android development spectrum.

When I run the app on a web build it works just fine, but Android build is something I feel is quite important for what I’m looking at doing.

During my research the only things I’ve been able to find are relating to my environment, such as missing a build tool, or something to that effect.

Basically I’m right now running a Ubuntu flavour, with node 6.5, with openjdk 8, and using an android emulator running android 6.

Any advice on how to approach this would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: