Ionic 2 debug crashing app



I’m wondering how i can debug my app. It crashes after using the camera on my android device.
First it asks for permission and then it crashes and asks to restart. When i restart it doesn’t crash anymore but it doesn’t allow me to use the camera either.

I tried chrome devtools chrome://inspect/#devices but it does not give me any errors.

Dev tools did give me an error:

file:///storage/emulated/0/Android/data/io.ionic.starter/cache/.Pic.jpg exposed beyond app through ClipData.Item.getUri()

Does anyone have experience with it?

Thanks in advance!


i am suffering from same thing, did you find anything to fix it ?



Im afraid not

Op 24 nov. 2016 2:13 p.m. schreef “Westdb” <


so what will you do about it if you cannot use camera in your application?


I will keep trying until i get it to work hehe, not gonna give up that
Thank it has to do with my nexus 6p, i’m gonna try to use an emulator and
if that doesn’t work i’ll
reset my device because in the past i was able to use the camera with ionic

If you get it to work please let me know!

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