Ionic and cordova compatibility table

i need to work in a project with older version of ionic 3.19.0. what is the compatible version of cordova for it ? is there a table which depicts this ?

Ionic doesn’t care about Cordova versions, it just uses it to wrap the web app into a native app.
In general you always use the newest Cordova, unless you have specific requirements that force you not to.

ok, thanks. I installed latest cordova and i tried running my ionic project in the simulator using command

ionic cordova emulate ios --target “iPhone-X”

it did add platform to my project and tried building… at some point it said deprecationwarning (promise rejections) and said your app has been deployed. But i could not see my app in the simulator.

when i went inside platforms / ios / and opened xcodeproj file and run it, it perfectly ran in the simulator.

is there a way it just does everything from commandline ? even device build for android and iOS withour having to open respective IDEs ?


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Yes, the command you were using should do that.

If this doesn’t work, please open a new topic and include all the relevant information (like your ionic info output, complete output of the command with --verbose etc)