Can cordova version upgrade break ionic builds?


I’ve been having a number of platform issues that seem to be related to the version of Cardova or Ionic that I’m running.

I had a working project, but after doing a fresh install with newest versions of Ionic and Cordova a few of my plugins are now unresponsive. I’m working to address them individually.


The above leads me to believe that to assure a valid fresh install, I need to specificy both the required Ionic and Cordova versions in my package.json file.

Is there a best practice for this? Has anyone else run into this issue?


Here is my current system information:

OS: Mac OS X Yosemite
Node Version: v0.12.0
Cordova CLI: 4.1.2
Ionic CLI Version: 1.3.19
Xcode version: Xcode 6.1.1 Build version 6A2008a 
ios-sim version: 3.1.1 
ios-deploy version: 1.5.0 

try to remove platform and then add it again

I’ve seen this problem before with non-ionic projects. So when cordova has an updates, it’s always a good idea to remove the native project and add it back again.

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