Ionic 5 - what is app-explore-container?

Doing the Ionic 5 tutorial (I think?) …

…and generated pages, e.g. tab2.html, have a section…

<app-explore-container name="Tab 2 page"></app-explore-container>

Does anyone know if this has any special use? It’s not mentioned in the tutorial.

I’m going to blindly guess “showing people an example of the byzantine hoops through which one must jump to embed components in pages when using lazy loading”.

I imagine that is as good a guess as any!

DOH! :face_with_monocle:

Having actually looked at the code, rather than just blindly following the good, but somewhat complex, tutorial, I can see that it is a simple example of an Ionic component that adds a link to this page…

…which seems to be a nicely updated documentation of built-in Ionic components!

It will help you link the pages from tabs to the menu(side-menu-panel)