Ion-tabs problem - Ionic 4 documentation is poor

I did not understand following documentation

in Usage section there is no controller file code sample it has only html sample

I want to control tabs from my .ts code, I need to get selected active tab and change another tab by code. How to do help me please!

What don’t you like about

If you understand how to use this methods please taught me how to use it :slight_smile:

Documentation looks good to me. You can find tutorials online if you need a better insight.

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Hi @mikrochipkid saying without try is easy :slight_smile: If this documentation good and easy to understandable to you why don’t you just tell me how to use this methods?

No…As a developer you must learn yourself and not rely on others to give you the answers. If you expect people to give you the answers and you have not even put some effort in doing it, then developing is not for you…

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