Ionic 5 ion-tab

Why Ionic Docs is showing a topic about an unavailable ion-tab component.

When a new ionic 5 project is created from scratch using latest cli, and then we try to use ion-tab in a template, the IDE(WebStorm and VSCode) shows this warning “Unknown html tag” and the component it’s render as a simple div.

is this a documentation mistake or is this the expected behavior?

Let’s see your code maybe…

I think it depends on which framework you’re using Ionic with. If you use vanilla JavaScript then you need the ion-tab component from @ionic/core, but if you use the Angular or React integration you don’t need it. Have a look at the ion-tabs usage.

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That’s makes sense, I’m using Angular, maybe the docs for ion-tab should to be updated.

The ion-tab-buttons, docs has a reference for ion-tab to in tab property and it’s confuse because now, I know that it isn’t in Angular.

Note ionic is framework agnostic, so when you have an ionic angular app what you are doing is adding ionic components into your app. You can throw in your own components if you may. At times I’ve added bootstrap snippets for UI components that are not found in ionic like accordion.