Why is ionic good yet the documentation this bad?

I would like to bring it to the attention that while ionic is a great platform, the documentation has lightyears of improvement potential. Let’s take the slides component as an example.

It starts with custom animations to then show a brief example how it is used. Who on earth and beyond, older than 10years, starts papers, letters or essays with a minor detail and then gives a brief overview of the subject? Moreover, as an angular user (not sure if it matters for the other platforms) it is completely unclear in which module the JS implementation of the component is for instance. Add a line there. Even if VSCode can auto complete the import.

Most components and native modules are not truly documented but link out to their respective GitHub repos. While this may make sense for nitty grit-ties of the specific library, a proper use case should be the norm.
As the documentation stands it is frustrating to scan through google for hints how some features work out.

Bit of frustration here, Ionic is great, keep is so but please make it even better with a good documentation. :+1:

I believe it’s all open source, so improving it would be a great way to contribute to the community.

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Sir, this I did not realize… I might add a few things here and there when I think it’s worth documenting…