I need help to navigate!

Hi !
I’m a new Ionic user and I need some help. Actually, i’m learning how to use it but some things stay vague… For example, i don’t understand how navigation works. I’ve been trying for an hour ^^
I created a ionic project, following the tutorial instructions ( so with the “tutorial” template) and I created a new page in .src/pages . I named it “test” and I want to be able to reach this page from my menu.
Here are the test.html and test.ts :

and here what I did in the .src/app/app.components/ts in order to add my page to the menu :

(I’m French so that’s why there are some french sentences in my code )

Like that, it doesn’t work, so I would like to know what to do…
Hope you’ll be able to help me, Thanks ! :smiley:

Go be friends with the docs.

that’s what I did but it still not clear… You can’t help me ?

What didn’t you understood?

I didn’t understood what I need to do if I want to add a page to my app : how to generate it, how to display it when I click on a button, etc…