Ionic 5 to 6 migration issues - No display

I’ve been trying to migrate from version 5.9 to 6.

After fixing all the differences and a successful compile nothing gets displayed anymore.

If i create a simple project like:

ionic start myApp tabs --type react

and i do the migration on that project, after executing ionic serve command it shows everything white, unless i remove/comment the import …structure.css from the App.tsx.

On another project i have, only by removing the import of the core.css instead and even after that the behaviour of the navigation is erratic. The title does not update from one page to the next for instance.

Is there any template we can use to see how an Ionic project version 6 is properly setup?
Or maybe is this a bug?

Thank you.

I created ionic 6 project and everything seems to be working fine.

Please hang tight until we officially announce V6

setupIonicReact({ mode: 'ios', });

I just discovered that this must be in the code as well. Missing in the template though.

I posted this issue on GitHub, apologies for the repetition. I forgot to delete this one.