Displaying white page when switching from one page to another page


I am using ionic beta 12. When i switch from one page to another page i am getting empty(white) page with animation before rendering the data. And loader button is also not displaying on the page when it comes white screen. Here i am attaching an output. Could you please suggest me how to resolve this issue. And after rendering the data its working fine.

Any chance you could put together a codepen of what you have? Could be something in your code thats causing the issues

You have any success @vishnureddy ?

I’m also experiencing this, on beta 14 not tried the nightly yet either.

This happens on Chrome & Android yet to try Ionic view on iOS.

Can put something together tomorrow to test.

I’ve now tried it with the nightlys there’s no change still.

Recently found



    disableAnimate: true

I’ve a feeling this maybe due to the fact I’m using SQLite to populate scope arrays and these aren’t being populated quick enough and the page is blank(white) until the data is populated.

Any help @mhartington ?

Are you using promises in your states? I had this when I did and the page waited till the promise was over which caused the few seconds before anything apeared.

I’m not using promises in states, can I just make a SQLite function say promise1 and other promise dependant on that page then push then to promises array then $q.all() the promises array?

Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Cheers for the help @sjerd

Found my issue, my views which use the

<ion-nav-view name="menuContent"></ion-nav-view>

I was declaring the nav-bar in the nav-view and the views that are inside the nav-view.

Kind of a newbie error - but hey experience is everything. State transitions are now smooth, also by resolving the states once a function is promised helps alot…