Blank Screen after 5 > 6 migration

I’ve tried upgrading my app to v6 using the migration guide but I’m having an issue where running ionic serve builds the app fine without error however when viewing in the browser I get the dreaded blank/empty screen.

There are no errors in the console, no errors loading any resources.

Debugging in VS Code I get the following exceptions


and then this:

I’m totally stuck here, any pointers would be much appreciated.

Hey there! Not sure how this came about. Do you have a sample project to inspect? Can you also provide what steps you took to upgrade?

Thanks for the response! I don’t have a sample project I can share unfortunately. I followed the guide as per your documentation here - Upgrading to Ionic 6 | Ionic Documentation (

I can’t even make sense of the error, I see it’s part of core-js but that doesn’t really mean much to me. I’ve tried removing and installing npm including all modules but nothing. Is there a command I can run to provide more detail when running ionic serve that would give you more information?

I would try to start a new project and see if you can replicate the issue there.

What framework are you using with Ionic?

blank screen seems to be a V6 issue…
you have to build with --prod

Not 100% sure why that would be an issue

An issue is when you dont preserve your old version available.
And JS consertium seems to forget this old concept.
So maintain is