What did you guys do? Everything is now broked 😑

Upgraded to v6 and not having a good time :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:
Yes, I did the stuff in Upgrading to Ionic 6 | Ionic Documentation :expressionless:
There are no errors in the console. When I examine element I see the HTML being generated. But the screen is completely white. Nothing renders.

Also, the breaking changes doc that the upgrade guide points do doesn’t have version 6 listed, just Legacy, 4 and 5. ionic-framework/BREAKING.md at 179cbd334bea92085f4e13b4786aaa9445e8d09d Β· ionic-team/ionic-framework Β· GitHub

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Never mind. The upgrade guide says to include setupIonicReact (which I did), but doesn’t say to call it (I guess it’s implied, but I’m dumb lol )

I called setupIonicReact() as the first line in App and things miraculously appeared.

Not deleting the thread in case someone else runs into the same issue.