About migration from Ionic4 to Ionic5

Guys of Ionic, just wanted to let you know that the migration from Ionic4 to Ionic5 is anything but “easy”. So far I’ve migrated two projects and in both cases the app ended broken, not just because some of the breaking changes, but because a lot of dependencies problems between ionic and angular… a totally nightmare.

To be absolutely honest, if not for you unique ability to create SPAs, along with native apps, from the same codebase, this mess would have been enough to drive me away from Ionic for good.

For me it worked absolutely easy

Well, lucky you… or maybe unlucky me. I started the migration of my second app a couple of hours ago and I am still struggling with problems between Ionic and Angular.

For example:

After running ionic build, and this was not happening before upgrading to Ionic5.

And this is besides the lot of problems that caused me the changes on the framework itself. Just the changes in Icons (why IN HELL would you remove icons from your library???) and the remove of the CSS Utilities caused a LOT of changes to be made.