Ionic 4 apk is bigger that version 3

I just migrated an app that I have made using the version 3 of ionic framework, but now it is completely ported to the actual version (4). But i see that is almost double the size when i generate the apk; even in prod and release mod. Is that norma? or is there any suggestion to try to make it smaller?


Double is a bit a lot I would say, I wouldn’t be surprise if a bit bigger but double…

What would be interesting is to compare your www (platform_www) files size, could you have a look?

That would be interesting to know in order to search if the extra size comes from the web side or from the Cordova side aka the issue might not be linked to Ionic itself

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I am also facing the same issue. apk size is very big even after production build in Ionic 4.
@felipeblan Did you find any solution so far?

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No I did not find the answer why is this happening, I am not even using a lot of plugings. I have other app that is developd on ionic 3 with qr plugin, camera plugin, and my own plugin; this one is only 15 mb.

@felipeblan I have solved problem by removing www folder from project and then build.

Indeed my friend, that reduced the size of my apk to 11 mb. Thanks.