APK size in 2.0 is much bigger then in RC versions

my APK in RC was 1.8MB and now after upgrading to 2.0 finall is 5MB !?

You are not building with the --prod flag most likely.

actually I’m building with ionic build android --prod --aot --fulloptimize

here is my situation:

After upgrading to latest Ionic & Cordova , my RC4 project build failed , I got “Error(errors.unsupportedEnvironment());” , however I decide to create full new project and copy pages,provider, etc. form RC4 version. Everything works fine in browser, but when I was try to build I got msg that I need to update android SDK to version to 25 and JAVA JDK to 1.8, so I did it.

Previous RC4 builds was working with android 23 and java jdk 1.7 !?

Now build works fine but APK is much bigger.

Can I get back somehow to old SDK & JDK ? Setting environment variables doesn’t help.