Ionic 4 build prod apk larger than debug

Hi everyone, I’m using Ionic 4.3 for building an app and when generating a debug .apk file to use on my device for testing purposes with the --prod flag I’ve seen that the size of the app is increased quite a lot.

While running ‘ionic cordova build android’ the apk file resulted in about 12 MB which would be something decent I believe (or at least not that heavy).

I’ve noticed some performance issues and I’ve been trying to improve my code so it can run faster. I’ve read that while building the app for production a lot of things are optimized, compressed, etc. So now I’m running ‘ionic cordova build android --prod’ but the resultant apk file is now 27 MB.

This doesn’t makes sense to me, I would expect the apk file to be less when building for production. The code source is the same between both generated apk.

Does anyone know if this is expected? Or if something may be causing this?

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