APK size has increased from ionic 4.0.0 to 4.5.0

ionic (Ionic CLI) : 4.12.0
Ionic Framework : @ionic/angular 4.5.0
@angular-devkit/build-angular : 0.11.4
@angular-devkit/schematics : 7.1.4
@angular/cli : 7.1.4
@ionic/angular-toolkit : 1.2.3


I was developing on Ionic (angular) 4.0.0-rc.0 and I needed to update to the lastest version (4.5.0).
Before updating, my generated apk size was 6-7 mo (with --prod flag) and since the update to 4.5.0 my apk size 11 mo with the same code !

I saw that in www folder there are like 120 / 130 files generated during the build in 4.0.0-rc.0 version against 300+ for 4.5.0 version.

So, I wanted to know if it was normal to have many more files generated during the build in 4.5.0 compared to version 4.0.0-rc.0. And why the size of the apk has increased so much ? Did I miss something (like optimization scripts that do not run the same way anymore) ?

Since my app is published on the stores, it’s very important that I keep a small .apk file

Thanks for your help !