Ionic 3 - size of app bigger than Ionic 2

Dear All,

From the blog I have read, ionic 3 was supposed to create an app of smaller size but no compared to Ionic 2, the app’s size (apk) has increased. With crosswalk and ionic2, it was 33MB whereas with ionic 3 and crosswalk, it is now 42MB.

Anyone else observed this?


Are you using lazy page loading? If so, yes I have observed this. In my experience, if you opt out of lazy page loading, Ionic 3 generates substantially smaller app packages than 2 did.

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Nope I am not using lazy page loading. Very weird. Feel like going back to ionic 2 after this set back.


Where does the difference actually come from? Extract the APKs and compare the contents, maybe even decompile and do the same: Understanding differences is important - maybe it is a honest mistake somewhere.