Ionic 3x with Angular 6

Guys, as excited I am for Ionic 4, the cost on upgrade is huge considering we have an app with more than 50 pages… Would it be possible, or is anyone else in the community working in a version of Ionic 3 with Angular 6 so we can migrate first the app to Angular 6, the new RXJS, etc, etc, and then from Ionic 3 to 4?

Honestly its really sad this, after more than 9 months without a new version of Ionic 3x we are running into a dependency hell with Ionic since every other library already upgraded to Angular 6 but we are stuck on Angular 5, and please, just remember that for a huge application, updating to Ionic 4 its a huge thing to do…


I believe the answer is “no”, and I would be surprised if the Ionic team expended any resources on changing that.