Ionic-angular vs ionic & angular


Josh Morony in his new blog touched upon a topic which kept me busy lately:

Go for ionic-angular (with the api I am usef to and assuming ionic is continuing support), or use ionic4 webcomponents (when ready) and angular 6, fully separating these two “concerns” (ui and framework)

Any thoughts from the community?


Ps I think I will go for the latter knowing that this way I am up to speed with the latest ng capabilities and possibily switch ui framework when needed

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I’m going to go with Ionic 4 and Angular 6. Not there yet, still waiting for a production-level release. I think it makes a lot more sense in the long run. I can slowly swap out pieces of Angular for pieces of Stencil or whatever, so I can make the app as light as possible, over time. I only need Angular for the provider framework, and ngrx (which has gotten pretty powerful). Over time, I think I can get almost all the rendering done with Stencil and Ionic/Stencil components. The fancy hidden logic, like providers, Observables, and web workers, can stay Angular.

That’s the plan anyway. We’ll see how well it works in real life.