IONIC2 Android APK Size Very Big


I have developed the app using ionic 2 and now while generating android apk file in release mode i am getting apk size too big.

Android apk file size approx 60 MB in release mode.

i am using keytool and zipalign tool to signing in release mode.

Even my www folder size is 10 MB.
app.bundle size :4MB :4.5 MB


I think you are using crosswalk webview plugin, it adds about 20+ MB for the apk size both arm and x86.

So, if you are using it use the preference multipleapk to produce 2 apks from arm and x86.


thanks for reply.

Yes i am using crosswalk plugin thats why it increase the actual size of the app.

Is there any other way to create javascript-native bridge instead of using crosswalk plugin.

like adding javascript interface with the webview so that i can use the shouldurloverwrite method.