Update ionic cli + crosswalk = 110mb apk size it was 50mb with both binaries

Hi guys,

my ionic run android was doing “your os ou platform dos not have all requiments” same thing like that, so i reinstall everything. and noticie that the api lvl 21 was not installed, so i a install and everything worked BUT

now when a run ionic run android it creates a android-armv7-debug.apk 114mb when i install it goes to 149mb size. It was 49mb apk and 90mb installed(With both binaries). Also notices that the cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview plugin folder is 89MB can anyone confirm this file size is normal? please any one helpe me.

i discovery the problem, for some strange reason the crosswalk´s folder “engine” was copyed to my www folder making it 100mb, i learned that when apks are big look the size of www first, its a big clue. Problem solved.